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The power of appreciation

I was trying to organize the room which was littered with my son’s toys after trying unsuccessfully to make him clean it up himself. After watching me for sometime, he picked up one of the toys and arranged it himself. I smiled at him, patted his head, clapped and said”That’s my good boy”.
Immediately, he began arranging the toys till there was none left. I then realized he only needed my appraisal to get the job done and from that day on, I never ceased to give him that.

We were once kids before we became adult. Everyone wants to feel relevant and important. Nobody wants to be criticized or spoken ill of. But people find it so difficult to appreciate others, we are on the look out to see where someone got it wrong so we can hammer on that. We are very ready to spend all our time in arguing than to avoid it entirely. Everyone’s ego is always at stake.

It has been discovered that people work better when they are appreciated.
Even Christ himself wanted to be appreciated by the lepers he healed. He wasn’t happy with the Jews became they weren’t grateful for all the miracles he has done for them, they still sought to kill him.

In the Ecclesia, when a brother fails to deliver a topic to our own “taste”, we shouldn’t be quick to relieve him of that assignment or try to embarrass him to show how knowledgeable we are.
Instead of saying ” You tried oo but you missed this and this..
You can say “That was nice, I know you put in a lot of effort to prepare this, I would recommend that…..or won’t it be better if…

Appreciation works wonders. Even in the office, your employees work better when you appreciate them. In relationships, appreciating your partner immensely in the little they did will propel them to do more just to please you and get your approval. It really works.You boost their self esteem when you appreciate them.

Everyone deserves to feel special.

Imbibe the rule of less criticism, more appraisal.
When we stop focusing on what someone did wrong and begin to see the good in them; maybe, just maybe we will learn to appreciate them for the little things.

By Paullet Ojike

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