Bible Prophecy

How soon is the second coming of Jesus Christ with respect to Bible prophecy?

Hi Everyone Hope you are all Well and Prospering in the Strength of God, My post today is About the end times.

How Close are we to the Lord’s Kingdom?

The Answer is VERY CLOSE….

We have seen many prophecy events become reality over this past year. Lets Go through the ones that have previously happened.

Let’s go to Isaiah 17:1 Here it talks about how Damascus will become a ruinous heap. If you look at Damascus today, It is a ruinous heap, It is unsuitable to live. Those who live there are either moving to different places in Syria or are moving to other countries illegally to seek peace and safety. This Prophecy has been completed and is still on going.

Now let’s look at Matthew 24: 32-35, Mark 13: 28-31, Luke 21: 29-33, These passages talk about The Parable of the Fig Tree. If we look at scripture we know that this is a symbolical representation of Israel, In 1948 She Became an Independent State, If we then jump roughly 20 years later to 1967 they won the 6-day war against Palestine and they recaptured Jerusalem and took back the Western Wall. Now lets Jump To 2020 where they have now been declared nationally as the 3rd Richest Country in the World, At this very moment she is Budding. This Prophecy has been partially completed and is still on going today.

Lets look next at the Abomination of Desolation standing in the holy place which is mentioned in Matthew 24: 15-16
This Abomination is The Dome of the mosque. It sits on the holy mount where the Jewish temple stood in Jesus’ time before it was brought down in 70 AD. This has now Prophecy has now been completed.

In Daniel 12:1 it talks about “A Time of Trouble Never seen Before.” My Brother and Sisters that time has come,

Look at the World around us and the state it is currently in:

  • Corona virus
  • Economic Collapse
  • Famine
  • People Pleasing themselves and their Beliefs instead of Gods
  • Riots and Nations Clashing against Each other
  • Plaques of Locusts
  • Small Floods
  • The River in Israel that turned to blood
  • And there are so many more.

Let’s look at Zechariah 12:13 “I will make Jerusalem a Burdensome stone for all nations.” That is Being fulfilled at this very moment, All eyes are upon Israel Because of this Annexation plan of the West Bank.

And the final thing we can now look at is Ezekiel 38: 1-13.

We know from this chapter and verse that Before our Lord will return there will be a worldwide confederation called GOG that has to be assembled which then eventually come against
the land of Israel.

The Countries that are said to be involved in this confederation are:

Rosh = Russia
Meshech = Moscow
Tubal = Turkey

These are the two masterminds behind this confederacy Russia and Turkey, The the attempt at Reestablishing of the Original Ottoman Empire again.

Here are the Countries that follow this master mind

Persia = Syria, Iran and Iraq
Ethiopia = Africa states
Libya = Libya
Gomer = France
Togarmah = Anatolia/ Asia Minor/ Asian Turkey

These are the main countries in this confederation, However
other countries have been grafted into this confederacy such as China being Grafted in by Russia and The U.N. Being Grafted in through France etc.

Israel is Alone when this confederacy moves in on her, when most of the damage is already done then the countries in alliance with her asks this anti-semitic confederacy known as GOG “Have you come to take a plunder (Spoil).” These Countries are:

Sheba = Gulf States
Dedan = Saudi Arabia
The Merchants of Tarshish = Britain
All their Young Lions = USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India and there may be a few others I am unaware of.

God Says ” I will put hooks in there Jaws and bring them down too you” Ezekiel 38: 4.

Look also at Thessolonians 5:3 “While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

The peace has Gone Brothers and Sisters we have just entered the destruction phase, BUT fear not for God will protect us only if we put our trust in him. ??

I tell you Brothers and Sisters, This Annexation of the West Bank will cause God to put hooks in GOGs Jaws and Bring her down to them.

I believe we are not here too see it and are taken before then.

Always Remember Brothers and Sisters Keep Fighting, Stay Strong, Try and Be Like our Saviour Jesus. Together we will fight our Flesh and try our best not to give into sin.

I tell you Brothers and Sisters He is At the Door Ready to Knock ready to take us….. Keep your Lamps Burning Because he’s nearly Here.

God bless, I love you all My Brothers and Sisters in Christ May We Rejoice For the Kingdom of God and His Son is Near ??❤??

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