Faith in God

Becoming a vessel of honour to God

Text : 1 Tim. 2 : 20
In an Ecclesia ( Church ) there are ” vessels of of gold and silver , wood and earth , some to honour , some to dishonour ” . Each vessel is constructed of a material that is appropriated for it’s purpose .

A golden vessel is not used to draw water to wash floors , a clay vessel is not used on a king’s dining table , a wooden vessel is not used to heat soup within .

When each us are called to the Lord , we begin as earthen vessels , but the light of the glorious Gospel should transform us from ugly clay pots to vessels of beauty and honour ” sparkling and suitable for the master’s use , well prepared for good service ” . If we cannot purge from ourselves the DROSS of elicit human inclinations and desires then we remain to our Master a vessel of dishonour and of no value to him .

This was unfortunately the case with the Nation of Israel in Jeremiah’s day. He was instructed in chapter 19 to take a potter’s earthen bottle ( one that had been hardened by the experiences of life and yet remained full of impurities – dross – ) , and in a dramatic gesture smash it in the valley of Hinomm . The broken bottle was smashed beyond repair . It could not be made whole again .

Such was the hard-hearted attitude of the people who like a bottle with a brittle neck had ” hardened their necks , that they might not hear God’s words . This is an attitude that the Lord did not tolerate in the past , will not tolerate now , or in the future . Those nations who refuse to submit to the benefits of Christ’s divine rule will be cast from his presence into the valley of Destruction . …” Thou shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel ” .

And what of ourselves ? Will we go to pieces at the judgement seat of Christ , a broken bottle that cannot be repaired ? Or will we be a vessel of honour , a container brimming full of the precious oil of the Word , gleaming , sparkling and finally enhanced with the glory of Christ ?

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