Faith in God

The Christian attitude

ATTITUDE is simply The opinions and feelings that you usually have about something. Attitude of mind is equal to the way of thinking ( perception ) or the way you behave towards someone or in a particular situation , esp. when this shows how you are feeling ( eg. aggressive attitude ) .

Altitude on the other hand is the height of an object or place above sea level . At high Altitude it is difficult to get enough Oxygen ( O 2) .

Aptitude – Natural ability or skill , esp. in learning ( eg. aptitude test : of IQs . ) .

It has been said Attitude rather than Aptitude ( IQ – natural ability ) will determine ones Altitude . There are a great many many people with very high Intelligent Quotients ( IQ’S ) who never amount to anything because they are in need of an Attitude adjustment .

In the aviation , we find that the word ” altitude” means the angle which the plane meets with the wind , whether it is level with the horizon , climbing or descending . If the Pilot is not responsive to the attitude of his aircraft , he is in deep trouble .

If we do not take charge our attitudes , we can also be in trouble . The ” world ” is in deep trouble ; God describes it as being ” like the troubled sea when it cannot rest , whose waters cast up mire and dirt “

The world recognizes the importance of a good attitude in order to rise . Aviators understand that the proper attitude of the plane is essential to a successful flight . We need to appreciate the fact that our attitude rather than our aptitude ( intelligence Quotient – IQ ) will determine the verdict that that we receive from our Lord at his return.


What kind of of an attitude is God looking for in us ? Through Isaiah , God tells us , ” This is the man to whom l will look , he that is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word . ” This is an entirely different answer than you would hear from the world . They admire and respect the aggressive , the self – assertive , the forceful . They cannot imagine that the meek will inherit the earth .

We are fortunate that God looks upon our hearts and He is more interested in hearts that tremble at His word than He is our cleverness . For this reason Paul tells us that , Not many mighty , nor many Noble , are called .” . Jesus actually thanks his Heavenly Father because , as he put it , ” You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent , and have revealed them to babes . “

We are those” babes ” who Jesus was referring to . We are those who are not mighty or Noble by the world’s standards ; we are those who are of a humble spirit and tremble at God’s word .

We all know of some who are clever , who have high IQ’S ; they are self – assertive , aggressive , forceful and considered to be successful . They rise in Altitude and are considered the mighty , the Noble , the wise and the prudent from a worldly viewpoint but they have no time for God or His word and they are like a plane hurtling uncontrollably for a crash . Solomon described this attitude by saying , ” Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall .

David was envious at the foolish when he saw the prosperity of the wicked . He explains that he did not get his attitude adjustment until he went into the sanctuary of God ; then he understood their end .

The only way we will ever achieve the correct godly attitude is by going to God’s word and having Him instruct us in the ways of righteousness . God will do this for us . We can , with the proper godly attitude , soar to great heights , for with David we say , ” It is good for me to draw near to God : I have put my in the Lord God , that I may declare all His works . He will guide me with His counsel and afterwords receive me to glory “


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