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Communication: Conflict resolution in the church


How do you feel When you find yourself complaining about someone, ranting and expressing yourself verbally without choosing your words and then realize that you misjudged someone’s intentions all along?

How do you make up for all you have said? Will your apology erase all of that

People do not easily forget what you said to them with your mouth.Most problems people have is because they misunderstood someone’s intention.Without solid prove, we choose to go with our own level of understanding and the way we perceive someone.

A whole lot of problems would be solved if we reasoned together with the person who have wronged us.
We’d rather feel so comfortable explaining to someone else how a brother wronged us than speak with the said brother

Matthew 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

The first thing to do is to reason together, you don’t talk to anyone else without talking to the brother.

So many faults will arise but the way we choose to handle them makes a whole lot of difference.

Even in our marriage and relationship, Communication is one of the key ingredient used in spicing up relationship, when couples refuse to talk to each other about how they feel, you will find two strangers living in the same house.

Alot of problems would be solved by freely expressing yourself.
Most times, due to how angry we might be, we might end up saying the wrong things even when we never wanted to, thereby destroying something you wanted to build.

There is this technique which has proven to work for me. When you are embittered about something, do not walk up straight to vent your anger, you might end up making mistakes. Give it time. Breath in and out, Relax a bit before confronting.
Everything should be done in love and understanding.

Before you complain, communicate. Before you speak, listen. Choose your words carefully because once spoken, cannot be retrieved.

Do you want to be saved? You have to believe in Jesus and his message of salvation.

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