Free online baptism class

Please pray to God in Jesus name before you enroll in this free baptism preparation class. God bless you. Talk to God quietly in your own words and implore Him to guide you to the truth about Him and His plan for you.

You must take this course with your Bible open. Please read the Bible yourself. We have made it easier for you by highlighting all Bible references so that you can read by simply clicking on any Bible reference. Its extremely important that you compare every teaching to the revelation in the Bible.

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Click on each topic below to learn. When you complete the last lesson, a personal tutor will contact you to arrange baptism. This free Baptism class is for adult, that is anyone who have come of age (teenager or elderly) to seek God and learn about His plan for us and the world.

God bless you as you commence this life changing journey, amen.

God: the one Almighty and Living God The Bible: Our guide to the gospel Is the trinity teaching scriptural? Holy spirit of God Jesus: The Promised Seed of Abraham Jesus: The Promised Seed of David The death, resurrection and return of Jesus Christ The Kingdom of God Bible Teaching about life, death, soul and resurrection Bible teaching about Devil and Satan Christian Baptism, Grace and Holiness About the Christadelphians
Do you want to be saved? You have to believe in Jesus and his message of salvation.

Click to complete our free preparing for baptism lessons on the gospel here and we will personally keep in touch with you as you grow in faith.