Faith in God

Mortification of the flesh and Godliness

To crucify the flesh requires a positive , active repudiation ( rejection ) of evil ; to develop Godliness requires humble submission to the will of God – not only on Sundays , but every day .


” Godliness has the promise that now is , and that which is to come . ”  We acknowledge the benefits that relate to the future , but what is this promise of the life ” that now is ? That we shall have plenty ?

NO ; that can often draw us away from the earnest desire for Christ’s return .  That we should always be well off ?

NO ; for that would blind our weak eyes to our wretchedness , and dim the hope of glory that is to be revealed . It is a promise that we shall never be left or forsaken ,  and this means a great deal . It means that come prosperity or come trouble , come plenty of poverty , come health or sickness , come honour or reproach , come the couch of ease or bed of thorns , come what may , the Lord will make all things work for our ULTIMATE GOOD  ( and this is the indices of REAL SUCCESS ) .

It is a promise that demands the laying aside of things lawful enough in the abstract , but which , in the race for eternal life , are highly INEXPEDIENT ( unimportant ) .

It is a simple , safe and wise rule to dispense with every habit , pleasure , occupation or friend that hinders our progress . It is better to make our calling and election sure at the expense of  WORLDLY FRIENDS , engagements and advantages than to secure all these in this present time and find at the end that we have cherished them at the expense if Christ’s respect  , and pay for them with the loss of the kingdom .

WHENEVER we gather at the ” breaking of bread service ” and gaze at the silent emblems , they must motivate us . Whose company have we  enjoyed during the week ?  Christ’s , or brothers and sisters , or our worldly companions ?

If we enjoyed our leisure time among those of the world we cannot expect to be free of their UNGODLY INFLUENCE .

If we read nothing but the literature of the earthly minded , we will not rise above vain superficiality which results in a godless state of mind .

Let us rejoice in the great wealth and  depth of the Scriptures , enjoying the company of watchful brothers and sisters , and  , casting off all burdens , hasten with them towards the coming Kingdom .


Do you want to be saved? You have to believe in Jesus and his message of salvation.

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