Faith in God

You shall have dominion!

God established certain key principles at the very beginning which would work out for good in all human activities , if they were followed . In that sense Adam and Eve were representatives of all humanity and their experiences , for good or I’ll , would be helpful for all their descendants

Examining the challenge given to them to have Dominion, we may identify ( seven ) key aspects that should help us to understand more about the purpose of God .

TEXT : Genesis 1 : 26- 28 .

1. Man created very good and made in the image and likeness of God , was intended to reflect God’s glory , and to show forth in all it’s beauty , the splendour of God’s moral excellence .

2.  He was God’s representative on Earth , appointed to rule on God’s behalf . In this sense he was Lord of creation , supreme amongst all that God’s hands had made.

3 . Thus to him was given the commission to have Dominion over all the works of God’s hands . All the Gospel is here . The word ” Dominion ” speaks of Sovereignty . It implies a kingdom , and surely here , in Genesis 1 , we have the first reference in Scripture to the kingdom of God and the foundation principles established as to what that kingdom was to be about .

4 . But man proved himself unworthy of this privilege and responsibity. He broke God’s law and instead of achieving Dominion , so that he might rule for God , he himself came under the Dominion of sun and death .

5.  The very words used in Genesis 1 to describe the high purpose of the Almighty in man are used in Subsequent Scriptures to describe the tyranny of sin and death to which all men are subjected ;- Psa. 19 : 13  ;  119 : 113 ;  Rom.  5 : 14 , 17 , 21 ; 6: 12 ; 14 .

6 . However , the purpose of God could not be frustrated and the words of God of Gen. 1 : 26 remain inviolate as the declaration of God’s Ultimate intention to carry out His will in man .

6 . However , the purpose of God could not be frustrated and the words of God of Gen. 1 : 26 remain inviolate as the declaration of God’s Ultimate intention to carry out His will in man .

7. All Scripture is concerned with the outworking of this purpose , but Psalm 8 : 1- 9 is particularly helpful . It appears to be a divine Commentary on the words of Genesis .

8 . But with feeling of awe , of breath-taking  wonder that overwhelmed him , David arises from the realization that it is man ,  this frail and transient creature , that the Divine purpose is centred ; that out of all creation , it is man that God desires to honour above all else .

It is to him that God intends to give Dominion and it is through him that all the earth will be filled with God’s glory ( Num. 14 : 21 ;  Psa. 8 : 5 , 6 ; Hab. 2: 14 ) .

b . It is a prophecy of the day when the Divine Commission of Gen . 1 will finally be fulfilled and all will be able to echo the words –  ” O  LORD our Lord , how excellent is your name in all the earth .

c. Nevertheless , our earlier  considerations have established that the grand theme of Psalm 8 is an elaboration upon Gen. 1 , for in the Lord Jesus Christ we see  the perfection of manhood . He was one in whom the power of sin was broken , for it had no Dominion over him . Death itself could not hold him and , he ruled himself perfectly  , he was proved that he is worthy to rule the world to come , when God’s kingdom is established on Earth . Then he will have Dominion over all the works of God’s hands .

Not Yet Fulfilled :

That we have not misunderstood the message of these Scriptures is made evident by yet another reference to Psalm 8 and , through Genesis 1 . It is the writer of Hebrews who says this ;- Heb. 2 : 5 – 8 –

* But we do ” not yet ” see everything made subject to Jesus Christ because  Psa . 8 is a prophecy of what is to happen when he returns as King over the the Kingdom of God on Earth .  Instead , as he goes on to say , – Jesus is now in heaven waiting for the time when he will return as King   ( Heb 2 : 9 ) .

The words of Gen. 1 will be fulfilled in him ; and not just in him but in all those who truly believe in him . This gives all real hope :

” For it was fitting for him , for whom are all things and by whom are all things , in bringing many sons to glory , to make the author of their salvation perfect through  suffering ” ( Heb. 2 : 10 ) .


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